Champagne Service


Opening Champagne?

Please note that while we offer to open a bottle of Champagne, it is illegal for us to supply it as part of the package due to licensing laws. However, if you supply it, that's absolutely fine. Please read on.

Does the Driver do that?

Yes ours does, we are proud to say that we have some of the best drivers around.

What is in the picture? 

A bottle of champagne and an ice bucket!

What else is in this Picture?

Study the picture then think about any wedding car website where you have you seen these items before?

Ok, there is a 10p piece and a hobby knife ready to cut a slot into the top of the cork so that the coin can be set into the cork for presentation to the couple by someone special.

If there are children at the wedding and we were next to a busy road, we wouldn't encourage children to run after a cork, actually if there is a busy road we try to aim the cork somewhere safe away from the road, but if one of the children brings the cork back we often give them a £2 coin .

After the champagne is opened the bottle is placed in the car.

Some companies will open your champagne if you ask them, but with us, this little touch of quality, although optional, comes as standard. We are not licensed to sell alcohol, so we let you buy whatever you prefer and pop the cork for you, with everyone around giving three cheers.

The tradition of the coin in the cork

Some say it symbolises buoyancy in the marriage and a wish for good fortune. Others say its just for good luck and good fortune. Nice touch though, great for photos. Just helping to make a special day even better and thousands of married couples still have their first cork.