What we will try to do on the Day (weather permitting!)


Arriving at your house

On your wedding day we endeavour to get the cars to your pick up address in plenty of time. When you know the cars are outside even though you may not be leaving for another 15 – 30 minutes, its one less thing to worry about.

If we allow enough time, if there is a hold up along the way then the drivers have not got to worry either.

Going to the church or Venue

So we are on our way, if it’s a pair of cars, the bridesmaids car goes in front. These cars look great in convoy!

Arriving at the church or Venue

We get to the church, your car slows down or pulls up, while the bridesmaids' car continues on to give the photographer plenty of time to take photos. The bridesmaids' car is then positioned to ensure there is ample room for the bridal car.

When there are two cars, we have walkie talkie radios, so the driver, now at the church can tell the driver in the bridal car what is happening and when to make his approach and that all is clear if you don’t want to be seen.

Very often some guests arrive late. Some brides are not bothered if a few guests see them before they go into the church, while others want complete secrecy until they walk down the aisle.  It's your choice completely.

If you are having a video shoot, videographers need a little more time than photographers do to set up. For them both to do a professional job they need time and not to be rushed. We keep their needs in mind so that we can all work together ensuring they can capture the moment perfectly. 

Your Car will now arrive at the church or venue slowly and gracefully, don’t forget to wave like royalty because it's your day, it's your moment and we want you to enjoy it.

Your drivers will work to the photographer's directions and help him to get the best photos.

The photographer will be aware that the vicar, reverend or registrar is waiting and will hand over to him or her to direct your bridesmaids into your chosen order so you can then enter the church or venue.

While you are in the ceremony

While you are getting married we get the cars turned around ready to go to the reception unless its an all in one Venue in which case we will set the cars ready for photos .We hang the traditional board on the back that says Just Married.


If we are opening a bottle of bubbly, we try to get all of your family and friends around the car and get them to give you a nice three cheers.  Most of your guests will not have ever met before so it’s nice to get them to cheer together for you. We will usually give the bottle a shake and fire the cork a distance , so there will then be a small plume of froth for the Photo.

The Champagne Cork with a Silver coin

We ask your friends to watch where the cork went and if we get it back we are happy to cut a slot into it and insert a silver coin (a 10p usually) ready for you to take away as a keepsake. The cork is said to symbolise buoyancy for life's journey and adding silver to the Cork is said to symbolise good fortune. We will then ask the guests to make a wish that it all comes true.

Our part of your wedding usually finishes as the Photographer concludes his car photos.


If we have done a good job, we would like you to send comments to us for others to read, as that is our building blocks for next year.  We now have a Review page so this is easy to do.

Things we do that pass un-noticed

It is our intention to do what it takes, to give you value for money and we do work hard to reward your investment. If there is anything that you are unsure about please just ask.  

You will most likely have a colour scheme. We tie pom poms onto the door handles and onto the front of the bonnet; these either imitate or go with your colour scheme. Either way, if you let us know the colour scheme we will decorate the cars accordingly.

Many of our couples have said that they had no idea that we did all this, because they have been to friends' weddings, and very often the drivers just drive and don’t take part.  So yes we do take part, the cars are a large part of your wedding day, and we respect the trust placed in us.

If you want value for money and you want to take away happy memories, we hope you will choose us.

You cannot revisit your wedding, so who ever you choose, please book your wedding suppliers with great care.

Please tell your friends and thank you for taking the time to read this page.